Renewable Brews

Frederick won’t shut about this warehouse renovation he’s planning. It sounds cool and all, but he’s forever up to something of this ilk. If I got excited at every little project he undertook, I’d never manage to draw breath. Still, this one does sound particularly cool. He’s transforming an old factory in the industrial zone …

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Extra Moody Teen

I’m a wee bit concerned about my nephew, Jerome. Not to get too heavy about it – from what I can gather, he’s a pretty average fifteen year-old who loves his devices, WiFi and online gaming. What bothers me is that he doesn’t seem to balance this stuff out with physical activities. In particular, I’d …

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New funds for new nets

I’ve been a happy member of club board for our country tennis association for eight years,, and this year, here had been a huge surge in kids interested to join our sports club last summer. Five main teams had grown to eight, and every child had potential to play well. Due to the increased interest, …

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