Work Ruse Failure

I can’t decide if Blaine still thinking that I think he works in construction is insulting or hilarious. He comes home all grimy, his hair mussed up, spouting a bunch of nonsense about how he and the guys did something or another with their roof racks and bars, or how he was late home because he was getting new gas bottle holders for his ute.

And look, I haven’t done any investigating into what he actually does during the day, but I just really hope it’s something he’s good at, like accounting or managing a bookshop. I want Blaine to do something he enjoys, and…well, I suppose if having to maintain a ruse that he’s working in construction is taking time and effort, I should confront him about it as soon as possible. Just been putting it off because I’m not sure how to approach the issue without making him feel trapped, or without me bursting into laughter.

I loved working in construction, before my back injury made it impossible. I loved the toolbox talk, loading up the ute, crawling under houses and being with my mates all day. But Blaine has this idea that if he doesn’t do THAT, then I’ll be disappointed. He just doesn’t want to let me down. It’s admirable in a way, but he needs to know the truth, and also the fact that I don’t care. The world has enough construction workers; they don’t need an extra one who isn’t even suited for the job. Leave the heavy lifting and the talk of under body boxes to the professionals.

Suppose I’ll have to tell him eventually. But, well…sounds terrible, but I AM having a bit of fun with it. Maybe I’ll let him keep it up another couple of weeks, and then break the news gently. Then he can go back to shelving old books or doing calligraphy, or whatever it is that he WANTS to do.

-P. Ryer