Hurtful Window Thoughts

Man, I have THE worst headache. Like, totally not right at all. I never usually get headaches…actually, I don’t get sick, ever. Just really good genes, I guess. Weird thing is, I talked to my friend Chad, and he said his head was killing him as well. They sent him home from the mechanic garage because it was so bad, and now I’m all like ‘hey, when do I get sent home,’ you know what I’m saying?

Anyway…it hurts, though. Like, I can’t even think straight. I was driving a client around today and she was saying something about frameless glass balustrades. I’m usually interested in that stuff, because glass is cool and renovations are fun, but I was trying to listen and my headache was just so bad. But it was worse than that…somehow. I kept thinking about other stuff, like how much her house must be if she’s getting professional, residential glaziers in, and whether glass balustrading is child-friendly, and all this future business. Like…stuff a responsible person would think about. I was about to ask if she had kids, and then if she lived in a family-oriented neighbourhood, but the ride was over. Good thing, too. And she gave a pretty good tip, so whatever.

Still, I just couldn’t focus for the rest of the day. Driving was fine…that didn’t seem to be a problem, but if it wasn’t glass stair balustrading it was good locations for family holidays, or what to do about consolidating a mortgage, or I don’t even know, I lost track. Eventually my shift finished and I went home and got myself some painkillers, still thinking about residential glaziers and the changes I’d make to my place if I was considering balustrading, and…all sorts of stuff that doesn’t feel like me. Like, what’s UP with that?