Lunar Solar Power

I’ve made some big discoveries and it’s finally time to share what I’ve learned. I’ve been researching commercial battery storage, and like, wow. There are so many options available nowadays. The family is relying on me to get them to the moon in the first place, because I’m the one in charge of making sure have enough power to get there and set up. If not, well…it’ll be a very short holiday.

Come to think of it, I haven’t heard from whoever’s going to be building our moon rocket. Is that…normal? I asked at the last meeting and the leaders said that they’d get back to me, but I really need to know. Calculating power and all that.

Speaking of which, there’s a commercial solar power calculator that I really think is going to stand us in good stead. Solar power is, of course, going to be how we generate power to live. We don’t have the time to be setting up power plants, and we can’t afford to use any space on the rocket for hamster wheels or exercise bikes. Obviously, solar power is more efficient than all of them, despite the panels being quite heavy, but there’s nothing for it. We need that sweet, sweet industrial solar power energy for our glorious new society. That will, of course, make it the first society on Earth…sorry, on or AROUND Earth that runs entirely on renewable energy, just another way in which our Lunar Kingdom will be superior. I suppose it’ll be the first human society, you might say. Well…human until we bathe in moon radiation for years, after which we’ll become a heightened form of life.

But let’s not jump ahead. Right now I need to make some preparations for commercial solar panels for our domes, and maybe look into this solar calculator idea. And then, hopefully…I’ll hear from the person building the rocket.