Strange Solar Site

It was a strange website Maphira had found herself on. Certainly, it wasn’t what she had expected. Apparently, Totally Legit Power was a part of the Alliance of Independent Energy Businesses (AIEB), which she had never even heard of. The Totally Legit Power website was pretty standard. They offered installation for residential solar panels, energy …

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Lunar Solar Power

I’ve made some big discoveries and it’s finally time to share what I’ve learned. I’ve been researching commercial battery storage, and like, wow. There are so many options available nowadays. The family is relying on me to get them to the moon in the first place, because I’m the one in charge of making sure …

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Renewable Brews

Frederick won’t shut about this warehouse renovation he’s planning. It sounds cool and all, but he’s forever up to something of this ilk. If I got excited at every little project he undertook, I’d never manage to draw breath. Still, this one does sound particularly cool. He’s transforming an old factory in the industrial zone …

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