About Us

Bliss Organic Cafe started in 2016 with a blender, a massive jar of coconut oil and a basket of craft cold brew bottles strapped to the back of a remodelled mountain bike. Since then, it has drawn in a team of five willing worker bees, a warehouse and a growing word-of-mouth reputation among organic coffee devotees in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

In late 2017, we saw the first signs of there being more interest in our little operation than we were able to accomodate. We contemplated expansion, but ultimately decided against it, realising that it would potentially compromise our ability to do what we like to do most – that is, delivering nourishing and uplifting treats by pedal power.

To that end, Bliss OC has continued as a small operation that’s closely embedded in its local community. Our customers are friends and our friends are customers. We’re trading our own way and having a blissful time doing it!