Kitchen Equipment Passion

I never thought someone like me could find love…until Odd-Match.

I know, that sounds like the start of a sponsored video, but it’s the truth! I have such a narrow field of interests, and I knew for sure that whoever I married would have to have the same ones, so I’d given up hope. Then I made a profile on Odd-Match on a whim, thinking it was just another dating app that happened to have a more extensive list of interests. I put it in as ‘commercial kitchen equipment’, wrote specifically in my profile that I enjoy comparing commercial deep fryer models and ranking them based on a comprehensive and strict system of criteria, and I thought that would be the last of it, just like any other time. No one would want to touch me with a barge pole.

Instead, I met Chester. Turns out that he ALSO ranks commercial kitchen equipment as a hobby. He got in touch, we were about to set a date to meet, and then we got side-tracked with a two-hour conversation on whether commercial pasta machines are best made in Italy or Japan, and what that says about the future of commercial kitchen imports. Obviously I’m getting strong vibes at that point that I’ve found ‘the one’, but I wasn’t optimistic. When it comes to dating, I never am.

But then…he took me to Silvio’s Pizzeria, and I LOVE that place. The love of pizza just bleeds into the walls, the passion of creation, the love with which they treat their commercial grill and oven and pasta machine. You can taste it in every bite.

Four hours later at closing time, after me and Chester had talked about oven pre-heat temperature variance for all that time, I knew I’d really found the guy for me. All thanks to an obscure little category on Odd-Match.