Flowers speak volumes

It would seem that modern society got rid of the language of flowers quite a long time ago. That is rather unfortunate, seeing as we still have it where I’m from, and it’s very useful. We are taught from a very young age how to grow flowers, meaning that they’re in abundance: in homes, in …

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Party Theme Queen

Growing up, I always got to have elaborate themed birthday parties. I thought this was standard at the time, but in retrospect I can see that I had a grandmother on hand who was particularly enthusiastic about sewing costumes, building large-scale props out of cardboard and making unlikely things out of hollowed-out watermelons. Whether it …

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Trees Are the Way Forward?

OH. MY. LEAF-NESS. Leaves, trees…they have saved us all. And what a roller-coaster it’s been! For weeks now, we’ve all been waiting with baited breath for the creators of Week of Our Lives to announce whether the show has been cancelled or renewed, and finally we received our answer. The episode was bumper length, which …

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