Air Con

Sweltering Night AC

Though the sun had already laid to rest for the day, it did not stop the sweltering heat from beating down on Canberra for the night. I laid in my bed with my air conditioning on full. I was restless, agitated, frustrated, and boiling hot. My usually composed and collected self was nowhere to be …

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Easy Drama

The ‘great’ Australian Trade-Off? More like…the lame Australian Trade-Off, heh-heh. Nailed it. I will admit, here and nowhere else, that I’ve never seen a single episode. But I got hired for this review gig by blagging about it, so I guess I better scan a few other reviews so I can make it sound legit. …

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Heating Up on TV

It seems like they’ve moved my favourite show ‘Week of Our Lives’ to a new time slot this evening. It makes sense that people would be vying for such a prime time space, and tonight it’s been moved up to make way for the newest reality TV show to hit Australia.They probably pinched it from …

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