Easy Drama

The ‘great’ Australian Trade-Off? More like…the lame Australian Trade-Off, heh-heh. Nailed it.

I will admit, here and nowhere else, that I’ve never seen a single episode. But I got hired for this review gig by blagging about it, so I guess I better scan a few other reviews so I can make it sound legit. Hey, I’m great at blagging…it’s how I got the job.

Oh look, it seems that they did something about air conditioning in their last episode. They were in Melbourne, air conditioning experts were observing, oh the drama. Excellent. You can blog for ages about even the tiniest slice of drama. Rupert got into a row with Nessa about where to place the cooling coils within an air con unit, which meant that their unit started blowing in reverse before it overheated and failed entirely.

This is where I start talking about this overheating being indicative of Nessa being both prone to coldness and also losing her temper. That’s the great thing about reality TV; it doesn’t even have to be strictly true. There’s bound to be a ton of viewers who don’t like Nessa for some reason- she’s too nice, not nice enough, a neat freak, too casual- and they’ll latch onto that sort of comment. Besides…it’s summer. People are all about the air conditioning at this time of year, so I can blag a little bit about that as well. Like, why is it that not all the trains in Melbourne are air conditioned? Surely, some of the state budget has to be allocated to air conditioning services installed in Melbourne, on the buses, the trains, in old folks’ homes…

There you go. Before you know it, I’ve got an article all written that’ll fool the professionals, draw in multiple demographics and fill up a page. Just need the perfect title: “Air Con CausesContestants to Lose Their Cool”. Perfect.