Blends & Brews

Coffee Blends

Our signature blends are crafted from ethically sourced heirloom coffee beans. These are served by our baristas and delivered as ground beans in refillable containers.

Nirvana is an exceptionally smooth, mid-strength blend with dark caramel notes that rise to a joyful, fruity conclusion.

Samsara is a sharp, uniquely fragranced blend with a mysterious, intriguing flavour that builds to bright floral influences.

Shambhala is a creamy, rich blend that serves to soothe the soul while simultaneously delivering a kick to get you ready for the day.

Coffee + Tonic Brews

Coffee: We’re nerds for brewing coffee, so you’ll find us offering an array of options including our signature bulletproof blend, plus cold drip, coconut cold brew, batch/filter and espresso.

Tonics: Among our favourite drinks to serve are our cacao blends, which pair ingredients such as reishi mushroom, cayenne pepper, turmeric/pepper and wild medicinal herbs with high-grade, ethically sourced cacao.