Strange Solar Site

It was a strange website Maphira had found herself on. Certainly, it wasn’t what she had expected. Apparently, Totally Legit Power was a part of the Alliance of Independent Energy Businesses (AIEB), which she had never even heard of. The Totally Legit Power website was pretty standard. They offered installation for residential solar panels, energy monitoring, battery storage for businesses and pretty much any other normal solar power service one could think of.

 The AIEB website, however, was anything but normal. The Alliance didn’t seem to care that much about solar energy at all. No, this was more of a hub for people to gather and discuss the state of Robotopia. Did the Conclave of Mechanists even know about this website? Maphira couldn’t imagine they would be happy about it, given how critical the site was.

She found a few mentions of battery storage close to Melbourne, but suspected they were mostly to increase the website’s legitimacy as a source of information regarding solar power. There was something more going on here.

Maphira glanced around the coffee shop, then took a sip of her drink before continuing on. She was onto something. It likely didn’t have anything to do with Rylee, but it wasn’t like she was particularly keen to see her sister anyway. That had simply been her only option at the time.

Heading to the contact page, Maphira filled out the form, requesting more information about the purpose of the AIEB. Hopefully, they would get back to her soon and she could follow this new lead.

Almost immediately, her phone buzzed in her hand, as a text message appeared. “123 Robo St, Robotopia. Come alone. Conclave sympathisers are not welcome.”

Her first thought was that it must have been some sort of trap. The Conclave of Mechanists was simply trying to find those who would stand against them.

However, in the wise words of her favourite Space Battles character, perhaps it was best to spring the trap.