I love illustrating

Ever since I can remember I’ve had such an interest in film and TV. I think it all started when I was a kid and I would watch cartoons. The moving characters were just so mesmerizing to me. Most of the time on TV I’d see people talking about moving, so to suddenly see animated characters doing all the talking and moving around it was like I’d opened the door to a whole new world. I remember being bored in class each day, particularly in maths class, and I would be scribbling little characters on my notepad and pencil case. I had this one cowboy character I’d always draw.

Admittedly, my first few animation illustrations were absolutely dreadful. Nothing was proportionate. I’d draw legs either too long or too short, eyes would be small, mouths would be too big, and a lot of my characters didn’t even have noses. I remember reading something in recent years that kids only notice certain anatomical features, so that would explain why my drawings at a young age were missing elements. As I grew older my drawings became much better. No more drawings of characters with no noses, unless it was intentional. I feel so jealous of people who make illustrating as their career. My dream has always been to work at a 2D animation company but the chance hasn’t come yet. 

My favourite time of year is when animation and video events come to my city. Usually these roadshows last for about two to five days. Then there are of course ones that are held over a period of months, but these are more so about famous animation worlds or superheroes. The shorter roadshows are great as you get genuine animation fans. It’s at these roadshows where I get to discover the best Melbourne based video production companies. Every year I discover a new company for me to follow and I’m never disappointed. I also find that the more animators I learn about, the more I then learn about animation.