Son’s eye problems

I don’t understand what it is with kids sometimes. I know they’re children and their brains aren’t fully developed, but sometimes this can be so frustrating! I’ll use my son as an example here. Everyday I see him squinting to try to read things or see things from afar. He’ll also complain that he gets headaches. I’ll ask him outright if he’s having problems with his vision. He will always say no. I ask him if he feels like he needs glasses. He’ll also say no to this. One thing I have learned is that sometimes you just need to tell your kid what they need in life. I’ve tried this whole new age parenting technique of letting the kids lead the way, but I don’t see how that can realistically work.

I think my son has a preconceived notion about the types of people who get eye tests and wear glasses. Whenever I even try to make the suggestion of glasses, he shuts me down and tells me they’re for old people. I tell him time and time again that there is such a thing as an eye test for children. Every time the topic comes into conversation, he will scoff and start listing all the old people he knows with glasses. How I ended up with such an opinionated nine year old, I will never know! 
Last week we were walking down the street and I pointed out another child his age who was wearing glasses. He proceeded to tell me how that child was a nerd and that he isn’t a nerd and that’s why he doesn’t need glasses. I had some very quick words with him for making a judgement like that! I became so infuriated over what he said, I decided to go ahead and make an eye test booking in Brighton. If my son thinks he can go around making comments about other children who wear glasses, it’s about time he gets some glasses for himself. I think the whole reason he doesn’t want glasses is because he’s embarrassed.