Subacromial Decompression

There are many types of arthroscopic procedures. One particular type of arthroscopic procedure is subacromial decompression which is used to release the tightness in the coracoacromial arch and to shave away some of the under surface of the acromion. This procedure will raise the roof of the shoulder in order to make more room for the rotator cuff 

tendons to be able to move underneath. The subacromial decompression in the Melbourne CBD procedure will allow for the tendon to be able to move with more freedom, breaking the cycle of rubbing and swelling.

Subacromial decompression is a keyhole or ‘arthroscopic’ surgery that is usually carried out as a same day procedure. This procedure has an approximate 80% success rate and takes a number of months to a year for the full benefit to be achieved. For this procedure, and procedures alike, it is important that you find an expert in elbow arthroscopy close to Melbourne , if it is an arthroscopy that you need, or a subacromial decompression expert if that is the procedure you are needing.

Your surgery will be carried out by an orthopedic surgeon who, leading up to your surgery, will tell you to prepare for your procedure. Your surgeon will discuss what to expect before, during and after your procedure and complete any tests or lab work prescribed by your doctor. It is important that you have arranged someone to drive you home from the hospital as you will be in no condition to do so. One week prior to the surgery you must refrain from taking aspirin or any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. It is also important to avoid eating or drinking anything after the night before the surgery.

Following the surgery, the patient’s shoulder will be placed in a sling. Despite this, the patient is expected to regain shoulder motion rather quickly so there is no need for a period of restricted motion for the tendon to heal.