Heating Up on TV

It seems like they’ve moved my favourite show ‘Week of Our Lives’ to a new time slot this evening. It makes sense that people would be vying for such a prime time space, and tonight it’s been moved up to make way for the newest reality TV show to hit Australia.They probably pinched it from Britain and changed the name. I’m pretty impressed!

‘The Great Australian Trade-Off’ is a game show, of sorts. A bunch of amateur tradespeople all get together in a tent and are given tasks to do that will test their home DIY knowledge. As per usual with me and these things, I got attached to one of them straight away and I’m going to be devastated when he gets eliminated. Ryan is an amateur window washer who wants to get into the coveted field of air conditioning services. Canberra I never knew it was coveted, but the lady doing the voiceover said it was, so it must be. They’re not allowed to be wrong on television, you know.

So it wasn’t an air conditioning-related task on the first week, but I’d imagine that’ll be coming up soon. This pilot episode was ‘Washing Week’, where they had three challenge. The first was to: fix a terribly broken dishwasher. Next they had to find one tiny thing wrong with an otherwise-fine washing machine. Finally they were tasked with construct a rudimentary device that helps people wash dishes while in a hot room with no air conditioning. I was riveted, especially when Ryan’s created machine went out of control and started slapping one of the hosts across the face. It judged pretty well, though.

I have to tell you, if I ever live in Canberra, air conditioning is going to be high on my list of things to have installed. I don’t do well in warm weather and I’m told that Canberra can get particuarly humid in the warmer months. I’ll definitely be contracting Ryan to help me out. Such a nice boy. Very well-mannered, and seems like he’d be nice to talk to. I do hope he does well.