Spring cleaning air conditioning

At my place we’ve got ducted central cooling and heating which is very convenient all year round. Whether summer or winter, our room is always at the most comfortable temperature. Forget about being environmentally friendly, running the heating and cooling system twenty-four seven is the way to go. Comfort is everything. Without it, life would suck.

While spring cleaning, it’s also important not to neglect the vents in your home. This includes the heating and cooling systems. I had to do a thorough clean out of my air conditioning. Melbourne can be a filthy place. No matter how much you try to protect yourself from the dirt and grime that floats freely through the air, it never lets up. So if you don’t clean out the air con it’ll start blowing dirty air after a while. So I took out my extension duster and step ladder and cleared them out nicely as much as I could. However when I turned the air con back on it still wasn’t running at peak performance. That’s when my husband suggested that I make a few calls and try to find a   good company that can do an air conditioning service. Around Melbourne, you can dust your air conditioning vents all you want but you can’t give it a maintenance service like the professionals can.The Melbourne based air conditioning repairs company who came over was extremely professional. I was also impressed with how clean and neat and tidy he was/ presentation is very important. Even in a job like that you can still present yourself as very professional and reputable. It has actually been proven in studies that if you dress well you’ll be treated better by people and given more opportunities. It’s also been shown in studies that beautiful people are considered more trustworthy than the rest of the population. Interesting, no?