The Gift of Style for your Walls

Today we’re brightening thing up a bit, quite literally. You all probably remember how I asked you to help me design my new apartment. It came together beautifully, so a massive thanks for making my place fabulous!

As a way to say thanks to everyone, I’d like to offer my help in return. People often just don’t understand how colour schemes work, or what works together when planning your next home decoration. Most people just pick up whatever vinyl wall art looks nice and slap it up on the wall, creases, bubbles and all. It really makes me sad.

So, people of the world…here’s my guide to colour and sparkle!

  1. White walls are your ultimate canvas. If you have a blank white wall, you can put up nearly anything you want, as long as you don’t clash with existing furniture. Go for some bolder rich colours for that maximum impact, with dark pictures and wall graphics going really quite well.
  2. Got a feature wall you never really wanted? Transform it with wallpaper! Nowadays you can get forest wallpaper done at the drop of a hat, in any style you like. Passionate about food? Print out your favourite desserts and stick them on the wall. Love yourself some space? Grab a few images from the Hubble Telescope and print out some wallpaper rolls to bring space to you!
  3. Colour contrasting…just use your common sense. Bring in a friend who you know is fashion savvy, and have them take a look. You might think your red and orange wallpaper is flashy and modern, but does it hurt your eyes? That’s a bad sign. Be very, very careful with yellow, which should be left by itself if used at all. Go for the more neutral colours, and there’s a much better chance of matching with the existing furniturnishings and art.

If all else fails, you could always get in a professional to help. They can recommend the best designer wallpaper Melbourne fashionistas are embracing right now. Just so we’re clear, I’m not offering my services…though I am happy to come round for a cup of tea and offer my opinion!

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