Cats Are Not Good Pest Controllers

Oh man, these pest control people sure are efficient. I saw someone getting fumigation once in a movie, and they had to clear out of the whole house for weeks while it was being done. Maybe that was really thorough pest control, like they let the problem get way out of hand. Or, like…maybe Hollywood has lied to us yet again, and actually, their depiction of events was not the truth. The guy did turn out to be an alien body-snatcher, which lends at least a bit of credence to the latter theory.

But nope, pest control is just as quick as you like nowadays. In and out, smash and grab, lickety and split, Laurel and Hardy, Tom and Jerry, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, Tom and Jerry. Now THAT was how not to do pest control. I know one mouse isn’t much of an infestation, but when that one mouse runs rampant around the home, sticks his diseased paws into everything and eats whatever he likes, then it counts as a problem nonetheless. I remember being the sort of enlightened child who was always rooting for the cat, because I was aware that Tom was just doing his job and an unforgiving universe kept dropping anvils on his heads for his troubles. Not really fair, especially when even the writing staff are conspiring to make your life miserable.  I guess that’s why I’m I’ve always been interested in pest control. Frankston has a bit of a pest problem, so you see them driving around in their vans quite often.

Come to think of it, I remember there WAS an episode where they brought in a real pest control expert as well. That was also a cat, but I guess he had a degree in termite inspections and a set of tools, which made him…better, I guess? Of course, even with two cats, one of them a qualified pest control expert, the mouse still won. Outrageous.

I’m honestly just glad that REAL pest control professionals near Mornington actually do their jobs, and aren’t cats, because very large cat people would be terrifying. And it’d be hard to hold all of that equipment without opposable thumbs.


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