New Fittings for the Dream Home

Rodney and I went to look at a house today. The settlement on the sale of our current place is coming up, and we can’t live in the motor home forever, so we need to get cracking on the buying front. The problem has been that we each have a slightly different vision of what out ‘dream home’ is.

This place ticked all though boxes, though, for both of us. Now, I don’t want to get too excited – you know what these things are like. But I’m feeling like this might be the one. It’s got stunning gardens, a balcony with a fabulous view, and a magical indoor pool. All we had to do to fall completely in love with it was look past some of the horribly ostentatious fittings – the faux wrought iron fencing, the brash mirror mounts and the loud tiles of the kitchen splashback, for instance.

Those kind of things can be easily fixed. I can see it in my mind’s eye – frameless glass balustrades and fencing, chic new mirrors and up-to-date tiling. I’m into minimalism, you see, and Rodney’s not that fussed either way (although even he was a bit disturbed by the gaudy gold fixtures in the bathroom).  

Rodney’s brother knows a very good commercial glazing company. I’m sure they’d do residential stuff as well… oh, look, there I go again. I must stop planning things out in such detail at this early stage. We’ve got to make it through the auction first, and even then we’ll need to come out the other side with a bit of coin left in our pockets! That shouldn’t be a problem, though, provided that all goes to plan with the sale settlement.

Like I said, I have a good feeling about this. We’ve bought enough properties between us to realise that when you’ve found the one you’re going to buy, you just know. That holds particular weight if you sense it despite hideous design details – Rodney calls it ‘looking through to the soul of a building’.

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