Window Tinting Fake

I had an interesting morning. Now, I have actually been lucky enough to meet the Great Window Tinter himself, Zach Jordan. You might remember him from such films as Fly You Fools and its sequel, Fool of a Took. He’s a great actor, and I thought we were so lucky to have him leading us, as members of the Church of the Tinted Flock. But when I got up, I actually found that I had an email from the church’s founder, James Illinois. Nobody had heard from him in months. It was like he just disappeared one day. The email told me that our dream for magical office glass tinting was in danger, and that only I could save it. I don’t really know what I could do. I’m just an acolyte of the church. I’m really not special at all.

The email had an address, which I decided to go to. Even if I didn’t understand it, James Illinois must have trusted me for some reason. Dressed all in black (as instructed), I travelled across the city, toward a commercial glass tinting business near Melbourne. There I found a wearied looking man who wore a brown cowboy hat and looked suspiciously like Ham Loner from Space Battles. It was none other than James Illinois himself. 

“Thank you for meeting me here,” he said. “You may be wondering why I contacted you. The truth is, you’re actually the only person who can stop the disaster that’s about to happen. You’ve met the Glass Window Tinter in person. And now, I need to tell you the truth. He’s a fraud. Zach Jordan is not the prophesied hero. He’s actually got an evil plan to destroy window tinting everywhere.”

“Oh, okay,” I replied, not entirely sure what to think of that. I shrugged and walked out of the building. He tried to call me back, but I wasn’t really prepared to deal with something like that at the time. I’ve got to think it over and get back to him. It might not be the job for me.