Stopping Space Wizard

Bandit and Frankie finally returned under the light of a full moon. They had plenty of hardware that I desperately needed and had even purchased plumbing supplies, despite the fact that I’d forgotten to put it on the list. We gathered at our secret base: the former director’s building for Australia’s Next Top Office.

“Your mission was successful, then?” I asked Frankie and Bandit. “Sorry that I forgot to put plumbing supplies on the list. How did you know to get them?”

Bandit placed the supplies before me. “I saw a news broadcast at the hardware store. It was talking about how several plumbers who were doing sewer repair within Melbourne have gone missing. I remembered that you’d said something about sewers and drains, so we got the supplies just in case.”

“Good job. Thanks, Bandit,” I said.

Bandit shook his head. “Thank Frankie. I hadn’t the slightest clue what to get. She’s an expert when it comes to drain repair. And a lot of other things, actually.”

Manhole cover installation in the garden.

I nodded and looked her over. “Not just a third-grade teacher, it seems. Nicely done. Now, I’d like to introduce you all to the latest member of our alliance: Jack Zebraman.”

Jack stood from the other side of the fire and waved. “Hey everyone. You’ve probably heard of me, because I am very famous. Also, because we were competing against each other a couple of weeks ago.”

“So, what’s the plan to stop Evil Space Wizard, regular Space Wizard?” Bandit asked.

I walked over to a whiteboard and flipped it over. “As you can see here, I’ve been doing plenty of research, trying to pinpoint where my evil clone has gone to hide. There have been reports of an unusual amount of blocked drains near Essendon, so I’d guess he’s hiding in the sewers there.”

“Why would he be hiding in the sewers?” said Frankie.

Pointing across the whiteboard, I explained, “My species cannot survive without a piece of the location they were born. I carry a rock from my home planet, but Evil Space Wizard was created in a sewer. He needs to go back to a dirty underground tunnel every day, otherwise, he will perish. So, what’s the plan? We’re going to clean the sewers.”