Problems with my feet, and husband

I’m not one to complain but I must confess that I have never liked the house my husband bought for me when we got married. It’s always been a drafty and depressing house, lots of grey and brown tones. I told him to his face when he surprised me with the keys, I said to him, I said Merle if you are chosen an ugly house I will not be happy. Merle’s heart was in the right place but he never should have bought this house without my say so. The draft has gotten so bad that I don’t open the window in winter because of the cold. I shouldn’t have to keep the doors shut to keep the warm in, who designed this silly house. I finally convinced my husband that we needed gas central heating. I said to Merle, I said if you don’t get gas heating in this house I’m going to leave you and live with my sister. Of course Merle knows that I can’t stand my sister but he took the threat seriously anyway. I hated having to shiver through winter, this new heating has made living in this drab house bearable for another year. It should have been done by whoever built this house. Melbourne has the potential to be the coldest place in this country.

I keep telling my husband that we need to pack up and move to the sunshine coast. He just smiles and tells me some day. Well someday better be soon or else there’ll be trouble.

In order to keep my feet warm at night I sleep with my toes on the heating vent. The heat was turned up too high and now my poor toes are burnt. I need to see a foot specialist, Bentliegh isn’t far from here and I will only see the best podiatrist. I’ve always had poor circulation in my hands and feet. Ice fingers, that’s what my husband calls him, the nerve of him.

He said I should warm up my toes before I go to the podiatrist, he’s a riot that husband of mine. If I didn’t wash my feet when I had those bunions fixed up then he’s got no chance. They gave me compression socks that seem to have done the trick. They’re always very kind at the podiatrist to an old lady like me, they give me a seniors discount even though I’m far too young to need it. Just because my old bones don’t warm up that doesn’t mean I’m over the hill. I’ll need to take better care of my feet, I can’t spend my time every week going to the podiatrist. Sandringham isn’t exactly within walking distance of my home and they took my drivers license away. I keep telling my husband not to mess with the thermostat on the gas heating. He likes to play with temperature control even though I tell him to leave it alone. I worry sometimes that I’ll snap and leave him for a younger man some day.

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