New funds for new nets

I’ve been a happy member of club board for our country tennis association for eight years,, and this year, here had been a huge surge in kids interested to join our sports club last summer. Five main teams had grown to eight, and every child had potential to play well. Due to the increased interest, things that normally would go unnoticed began to stand out. While we’d been making do with our old tennis and soccer nets, the new funds coming in from new members gave us a bit of wiggle room to improve the conditions we were working with.

One of the parents (her son was the team’s best player) used to work for a sports netting wholesaler, and she made the remark that the cricket nets were way below par. Although her observations put a few noses out of joint, she had been right. The sports nets had seen better days and were in desperate need of replacement. Inspected by the club president, the tennis nets were in bad condition, torn in areas,  crumbling and peeling from the reinforcements. There was a huge hole in the north-facing side had completely defeated their purpose. Out with the old, in with the new.

Thankfully, the first place we were referred to gave us a great price on the replacement of our tennis nets, for the entire club. The tennis nets could be replaced at a price that we were happy with. When the nets arrived and were installed, they looked fantastic and you could tell that the fact we’d made an effort to put a better impression forward had paid off.

We didn’t spend as much as we’d anticipated, which made repainting the court lines possible too. However, the best thing of all was how the kids responded to the improvements within the facilities. Although we were already a happy and proud little team, we’d expanded and become a bit more confident with some basic improvement.