Conveyancing Right Off the Planet

So they just said on the news that they’ve found water on Mars, which means we should be able to purchase property there by…ooh, maybe 2080? With the way medical science is going, I’ll probably last that long, so it might be a nice place to spend my retirement. That is, if there’s still retirement in the future.

Oh yes, my friends…I’ve worked in the property industry. As soon as there’s even the slightest hint of there being potential to sell stuff there, real estate agents are going to be all over it. It’s their job, and I respect that. Give it a hundred years, maybe not even that long, and there are going to be conveyancing offices in Carnegie and wherever else you may live, and they’ll be handling off-world transfers to Mars. They’ll convey you across that vast distance and make sure the paperwork of emigrating to another planet isn’t too much of a pain, because they’re conveyancers. In fact, conveyancing offices will be switching over to exclusively conveyancing people off-world. It’s going to be quite enough work without just helping people move house on Earth.

Makes me wonder…will Earth become dull and old hat? Right now, moving from Australia to Madagascar is the strangest and most wonderful adventure, but once we start moving to different planets, it’ll be quite, quite boring. For real!? Madagascar. That’s a few hours of flying. It takes MONTHS to move to Mars, and that’s just the travel time. Getting set up and learning to speak whatever Martian language they create to be the standard for the colonies is going to be tough, as is the downsizing you’ll need to do to fit into the oxygen zone.

There’s a lot of work ahead for conveyancing and settlement professionals, is what I’m saying. But then the commission rates are going to be great. Maybe I should look into becoming a conveyancer, and plan for the future.