Flowers speak volumes

It would seem that modern society got rid of the language of flowers quite a long time ago. That is rather unfortunate, seeing as we still have it where I’m from, and it’s very useful. We are taught from a very young age how to grow flowers, meaning that they’re in abundance: in homes, in public places, on the side of the roads. You’re surrounded at all times by bright blooms and fragrant petals. If you wish to tell a lady that you are in love with her, or tell your boss that he’s awful and you want to quit, just pluck the right flower. They all have different meanings and are available for the use of all.

One thing I do appreciate about Australia is how easy it is to buy plants and flower bulbs online. Once my neighbour introduced me to the internet, I was rather stunned to find out how easy buying tulip bulbs from you home was to accomplish. I simply purchase them with the click of a button. We do, of course, have the internet at home, but for some strange reason, no one has thought of offering the service of purchasing plants. I think, perhaps…there is no need? Plants and flowers are everywhere at all times. It simply hasn’t occurred to anyone that you’d want to buy them from the internet. That of course made me think of all the thinks you can buy online: car insurance, rare breeds of alpacas and psychic readings. But not plants…

Curious. Such a convenience, and in a society where handing someone a white iceberg rose is just the same as handing them a queen of the night tulip. They are pretty to be used as adornments, but unlike my home they don’t mean as much to the receiver. I must learn how to use them in the ways of this country, since no one here knows what they mean anyway. Still, whenever I see people giving each other roses as a symbol of their love…my skin crawls ever so slightly. Perhaps it always will. Hyacinths symbolise affection in my home town, whereas roses…well, they’re for giving to someone when you’re breaking up with them, due to their unfortunate hygiene. Some things are just better left said with flowers.