The Outboard Motor Repair Place is Right There…

Day 456 on the island: As it turns out, that old show lied. You actually can’t make everything out of coconuts. I managed to make a house out of them, and a decent set of bongos for when I get the urge to create some percussion. But you can’t make friends. Believe me, I’ve tried…they’re never as fulfilling as the real thing, even when you grind up some berries and use the juice to paint faces onto their hairy surfaces. Better than nothing, I suppose.

Day 501 on the island: I can SEE Melbourne, I’ve just realised. It’s right over there on the horizon. Guess I just never really visit this side of the island very often, because I always just thought it was over on the other side. If I squint, I might actually be able to see the folks where I got my outboard motor repairs. Melbourne boat mechanics are right there on the docks. That’s got to be the answer. It’s been over a year, and I never realised that it was so close. Wow, I could really use some outboard motor repair right now, along with repair of most other things, because as it turns out…fixing a boat with coconuts is also pretty much never happening.

Day 533 on the island: My smoke signals have failed to catch their attention. Not that I specifically want someone to come out from the motor repair place and fix my boat, but that would be nice. Being on a desert island is so much more frustrating when the place you need to be is right over there.

Is this even a desert island?? I guess I’m the only one on it, so by definition it has to be. Still, for it to be so close to the mainland…doesn’t feel right. It’s a semi-desert island. I’m calling it now, and there’s no one here to stop me.

Day 575 on the island: Maybe it’s not Melbourne, and is instead a mirage I created from my brain. So the Melbourne outboard motor servicing place I can see is just a mirage as well, and they’re not coming to fix my boat. So that sucks. But at least now I don’t feel as stupid.