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As you all know, I have always been very open and honest about my life in these blogs and I have received great feedback because of this.

This week I want to discuss something that I’ve had a problem with on and off for a couple of years now: ingrown toenails. I know this a very common problem seeing as none of us can control which direction our toenails grow in, and so I’m writing about this today to highlight that this isn’t something you have to live with or deal with yourself, and that you can go to a specialist to fix the problem.

I was happy to deal with the problem myself for the first year or so, until someone saw and commented on my ingrown toenails. Cheltenham residents had always been polite enough not to comment on my feet, but when I went interstate for the weekend people commented on my feet left, right and centre. That’s when I knew that I needed to get the problem fixed by an expert, and not just do a DIY job at home myself.

After a weekend of slight embarrassment, I booked an appointment with a foot specialist. I was shocked at how easy it was for the specialist to fix my ingrown toenails. Where I would spend hours at home soaking my feet and using the tweezers, they just swooped in and fixed it in a matter of minutes. 

The reason I’m writing this, even though it’s probably a bit TMI, is to urge everyone to go and get whatever little niggling thing checked, because it really is worth it and makes a massive difference.

Until next time everyone! Let me know if this has inspired you to go to a specialist in the comments.