Tattoo Regrets

Everyone has regrets in life, except some regrets are more permanent than others. In my case, my regret is a tattoo of a spider on my neck. What possessed me to get this done, I have no idea. It was ten years ago and I thought I was some hardcore goth. At twenty-one, having a spider on your neck seems cool. At thirty-one it just makes you look like a loser. I really regret having a neck tattoo at all as it’s really affected my ability to get a job. Let’s just say, over the last few years I’ve become increasingly fond of turtle necks and high collar shirts. Luckily, I don’t work in a field where presentation is that important but I do find that this tattoo makes for awkward conversation whenever I have to meet a girl’s parents for the first time. I also get weird looks on the street as if I’m some sort of degenerate or criminal. Then I also get mass congratulations from teenagers who think I look cool and make remarks about how tough I must have been to sit through the pain. Personally, I think it’s time for a cover up tattoo. The only thing that I am conscious about is that the current tattoo is rather dark so it might be hard to be able to cover up without looking like I’ve got a giant black blotch across my neck.

Over the last two years I’ve really been agonising over this cover up and researching potential pieces of artwork that would not only suit the front of my neck, but has a design that will successfully fit over another design. There’s a great cover up tattooist located near Brisbane who I would love to have a word with. I found his social media account and it looks like cover up tattoos are his speciality. He might have tackled this sort of cover up before and might even be able to provide me with some cover up ideas.