Buying and selling


i’ve had to sell a few cars in my time. Not because there has been anything wrong with any of the cars, but more so because I’ve wanted a change or I’ve had a lifestyle change that requires me to to drive a car that is better suited to my needs. I’ve had a huge variety of cars from utes, to two seater sports cars, to hatchbacks, to 4WDs, to sedans. One thing I’ve learned when trying to sell each of these cars is that it’s easier to sell cars with a history of log book service. Lockleys is an area where it is super helpful to have a car, so I’ve never let myself go without a car. Currently I’m driving a hatchback and in all honesty I’m not too impressed with it. The car itself is great and runs super smooth but my issue is with the storage. I bought a hatchback because I thought it would be super spacious and have heaps of room. I was so wrong! Fitting four people into the car is already a mission as everything feels super cramped and as if everyone is sitting on top of each other. Then when I try to fit things in the hatch I find it doesn’t fit much unless I put the back two seats down. Honestly, my Volvo sedan from the 90s was a lot more spacious and fit so much more without needing to put the seats down. It was just a better design. Unfortunately, its length did make driving it a bit hard.

Eventually there were signs to get a brake pad replacement. I figured because the Volvo was so old it would probably be more cost effective to sell that car and buy a newer car. To my surprise there were a few Volvo fanatics who snapped the car up really quickly. I’m kind of sick of the buying and selling of cars at the moment so as much as my hatchback at the moment annoys me, I’m hoping I can sit on it for a little while longer and not be tempted by something else.