Monsters in Your Pocket, Do Not Want

You know, as much as I love and respect the great things cartoons have brought to the world, the very first one I saw DID sort of scar me for life. That one was ‘Poke-Mon’, which is short for ‘pocket monsters’, and it was basically a horror tale of insects who became sentient and used to crawl into people’s pockets to scare them. There was this one spider character, who was also a chain smoker, and he was just drawn in this terrifyingly realistic way, and it gave me nightmares.

This was supposed to be a kids show by the way, and somehow it made it onto Saturday morning television. Ironic, now that I’m an adult and I understand the true nuances of the world’s greatest cartoon, and I don’t actually have the number of the nearest Frankston termite control company pinned to my wall because I was terrified that the Poke-Mon was going to come to my room and eat me. They didn’t even eat people in the show; just sort of scared them. Still, my nightmares did not discriminate, thus ruining every chance of me becoming a pest control person myself. I believe it was an option, after I read ‘The Very Angry Caterpillar’ in grade one and I was disgusted by how the caterpillar was abusive and rude towards his friends because being hungry made him so angry. Basically, I decided that pest controllers were doing a great service eradicating insects and other pests from society, so I wanted to be one of them.

That was in the early days, before they even showed this type of content on Australian screens. Nowadays, I’m happy to leave pest control to actual pest control professionals. Frankston and the surrounding areas are covered, and I never need to even think about going after pests. I have my own dreams to move to Japan and become the first Caucasian person to become a famous creator, which is pretty much on track.