Trees Are the Way Forward?


Leaves, trees…they have saved us all. And what a roller-coaster it’s been! For weeks now, we’ve all been waiting with baited breath for the creators of Week of Our Lives to announce whether the show has been cancelled or renewed, and finally we received our answer. The episode was bumper length, which many people on the forums said was a sign that it was a grand finale and we should all be terribly afraid. And then, it opened with a whole-cast scene where everyone united in the town hall, which they never, EVER do because it’s expensive to show that many people at once.

We feared the worst. And then, Mayor Dogsbody announced that a grave threat was facing Realsville, something so grave that he had to call around to find the best tree removal service near Melbourne and call them to the town. For you see, the town was under attack…by woodland folk.

Those would be the woodland folk who’d always been living in the woods, and were basically a bunch of bohemians who wanted to live off the land. The mayor had decided that they were going to lop part of the Realsville forest to see if the town could make a name for itself in the lumber industry, and also to make space for a new amphitheatre, but the woodland folk were making trouble and saying that they’d make peaceful war with the town if any of their trees were lopped. After 44 minutes of shenanigans and skirmishes, all the main cast came together once again and declared that the war wasn’t over, and that with the help of the wonderful and reliable tree pruning professionals who cover Melbourne (those were their exact words), they would thwart the plans of the woodland folk and save the town.

And then…TO BE CONTINUED. So this must mean that the show will go on! But all this stuff about tree loppers came out of nowhere. Was there, like…a sponsorship or something?