Folks Travel by Car

All these years later, and cars are still the safest way to travel. It’s true! I had a cousin who got hurt in a terrible underground accident (he didn’t mind the gap…if only someone had told him!). Before that, my other cousin tried to break the motorbike record for how many people could fit on a bike and drive five miles. The bike was fine, but he accidentally drove himself and all his passengers into a ravine when one of them distracted him with a phone call.

And don’t even get me started on planes. Planes are the absolute worst. No one wants to travel in a way that means your ears are all pressurized the entire time. Yuck.

Besides, cars are easy to maintain, much more so than planes and trains. There’s a whole bunch of really reliable car mechanics open for bookings here in Bentleigh. Car servicing is easy to find, although so far I can’t find a place that service planes. Imagine if you had a plane, you needed a mechanic, and you had to tow that thing all the way to wherever. Probably somewhere around the airport. You’d just not bother after a while, which means your plane would be under-serviced and even more unsafe than usual.

But car mechanics are everywhere, in every suburb. You can always find someone willing to help you if you have engine trouble, or a misaligned axle. Plus there’s a very robust roadworthy system in place for this sort of thing. Every heard of a ‘sky-worthy’ for planes? Or a ‘track-worthy’ for trains? Didn’t think so, because as long as people can pile on and give transport companies their money, they don’t care.

Basically, if I’m going anywhere, it’s going to be a road-trip. I don’t care if it’s down the road or to Perth. A visit to my local auto electrical expert always gives me the confidence I need to get anywhere I want.

And if I need to leave Australia…there’s always boats. Unsure about my feelings on boats. But I’m sure nothing too bad has ever happened on one of them…