Boxing Boxes

Welcome to the Ultimate Boxing Competition blog, where we go into shallow detail on all the latest news for the UBC. Today’s match will be taking place between Boxy and Bocks, in the lightweight category. These guys are small boxes, but they could easily pack a punch against anybody who isn’t a trained boxer or martial artist. They’re the kind of boxes you’d put a few shirts in, or perhaps one of your treasured items with a heap of packing peanuts, with nothing else in there. Who will win? Will it be the Boxy, the box who has trained tirelessly at the local boxing gym? Brisbane residents know him as someone you absolutely do not mess with. At the other end of the ring, we have Bocks, who is an up and coming fighter—a real smokie if I’ve ever seen one. The fight is about to begin, so I’ll be back with an update at the end of the first round!

Round 1: Woah, what a start to this fight we have today! Nobody suspected that Bocks would fight so dirty. It turns out that this box has been taking some expert MMA classes because he fights unlike any boxer I’ve ever seen! Boxy is on the back foot early. He’s already got a few dents from Bocks’ heavy hits. Can the newcomer keep up the effort and launch himself into competition favouritism? Let’s find out.

Round 2: A much better performance from Boxy, who seems to have recovered well from Bocks’s early onslaught. The current odds are at 1:1, so let’s see who can bring this one home in the final round.

Round 3: And it’s a knockout! To whom? Well, it has been a knockout to everyone in attendance today, as knockout gas has been thrown into the area. What an unexpected turn of events. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s about time I pass out myself. Join us next time!