Hidden Depths…Just like Plumbing

I swear, Mum and Dad have been trying to match-make me recently. Finally they take an interest in my love life, and it’s to try to micromanage things. I should’ve expected this ever since they learned that Ryan and I had become an item. A window washer, marrying into our esteemed family? This cannot be so!

Not that I’m thinking about marriage, or…you know, anything. Shut up! I’m trying to make them see the benefits of the arrangement, anyway. Ryan is very well connected, he can take care of most of the stuff around the house (saving just loads of money, something Dad should respect), and even when he can’t, he always ‘knows a guy’. Back when we were clearing up that abandoned neighbourhood, we met a load people from various Melbourne blocked drain places, since obviously once all the houses were cleared out they would need plumbing services. You know, beyond the plumbing that was put in before the second World War. It was also very wet at the time, if you remember, and a lot of the houses just couldn’t cope with it. So it was a time of great plumbing and irrigation.

As a side note, I hear the place is doing great! Not quite ready for the grand move-in, but I’ve been keeping up to date on the Visage-Tome page, and it looks like the place is getting really close. Just a few finishing touches, a bit of plumbing work to be laid down and a lot of paperwork to go through; that’s what the organiser said in their latest post, anyway. Should be a very exciting time!

So anyway, Ryan brings a lot to the table, besides very good manners and an impeccable sense of smart casual. He also has access to drain plumbers who do best drain clearing Melbourne residents have ever seen. Ryan also has DIY knowledge that is the roof. Even for fixing the roof. I really should get him around for dinner, even if I have to fly him across states to do it. A face-to-face meeting should do the trick!