Out of the Closet

I’m officially done with not having a washing machine. It was all well and good for the duration of my twenties, but it’s gradually become more and more of a hassle. Now I’m working 60 hour weeks and making twice weekly trips to the laundrette. Those activities, I can assure you, do not mix – especially now that it’s midwinter and dark before I’ve even left the office. 

On my lawyer’s salary, I can easily afford to buy a washing machine and dryer. The problem is that I don’t have anywhere to put them. I mean, that’s not strictly true – I do have the floor space. It’s just that said floor space is carpeted, and in a weird sort of broom closet that’s quite awkward to get into. I’ve been putting off buying the appliances because the thought of having to squeeze them into that little hidey hole and somehow hook it all up to the apartment’s water system makes me feel anxious.

What I need is for someone to come and transform said closet into an actual laundry. It would be petite – there’s no getting around that – but it could be a heck of a lot more functional than it currently is. I guess I should start by making a list of laundry designers and installers. Melbourne must have companies that do this, right? Surely I’m not the only person with this problem, and dinky fold-away laundries make total sense for apartment living – especially if you don’t want your laundry cluttering up your bathroom or kitchen. 

That’s a thing with apartment living, you know: having your laundry in the kitchen or bathroom. Renovation ideas, Melbourne designers would have you believe, are not to be divided into individual zones of the home, especially if you live in an apartment. By that, I mean that there’s a push to turn your apartment into one big conjoined room, which I understand is commonly known as a studio… or, like, a confusing jumble of stuff with no delineations. 

I need a company that can do a laundry-specific renovation, or at the very least, a broom closet makeover.