Recruitment Maze

Rylee was starting to feel like she was in the world’s biggest maze. Had she been going in circles? She didn’t think so, given she hadn’t passed that advertisement for an infrastructure recruitment agency again, but all these halls looked exactly the same. So what if she hadn’t noticed something saying that Careers Are Us was the perfect job agency for infrastructure recruitment? She could have passed it and not noticed.

She came to a t-shaped intersection and decided, completely at random, to go left. She’d always gone left when given the option and it had always served her well. Maphira had always chosen right, when given the choice. Look where that had gotten her.

But after what felt like another hour of walking through the dim corridors, many of them with flickering lights above, she decided it might be time to try something different.

“Alright, Mai,” Rylee said. “I’ll try it your way.”

Turning right, Rylee immediately spotted a door up ahead. By the gears, why does she always have to be right?

Almost hearing her sister chide Rylee in the back of her mind, she pressed forward, curious about what came next. 

“Warning! Enter only if you are ready for the best utility recruitment services we have to offer!” read a sign on the door.

Rylee shrugged and pushed the door open. Inside came a burst of blue light, followed by darkness. A second or two later, the blue light flashed again. She stepped out onto a metal catwalk and looked down. 

Below, several electricians appeared to be installing a large device in the centre of the room. They worked with torches, and occasionally one did something that caused the bright blue light to spark from the machine.

A few steps away, Rylee found another guard, watching over the work. “Hey,” she whispered to him. “Boss wants you in the central control room, pronto. I’m taking over here.”

The guard groaned. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Boss wants what the boss wants, I suppose. No use complaining.”

Leaving through the door Rylee had just used, the guard started toward the control room. Once he was a safe distance away, Rylee left and followed.