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Bliss Organic Garden Cafe


Bliss Balls

Bliss Organic Café, 7 Compton St, Adelaide South Australia, 8231 0205, www.blissorganiccafe.com


Bliss Balls are a raw sweet (not too sweet) treat satisfying every desire. Easy and quick to make. Superfood in a ball form.



· Almonds whole raw – 1 cup

· Dried dates pitted – 2 cups

· Dried prunes pitted – 2 cups

· Walnuts whole/halves raw – 1 cup

· Sunflower seeds – ½ cup

· Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) – ½ cup

· Sesame seeds – ¼ cup

· Shredded Coconut ¼ cup + some for decorating

· Carob powder, raw ¼ cup


Extras (optional)

· Cashew nuts (1 cup if instead walnuts or ½ cup with ½ cup of walnuts)

· Hazelnut nuts (as above)

· Raw cacao (instead of carob powder or mixture)

· Recommended Decoration: shredded coconut, cacao, carob, poppy seeds, sesame seeds



In a food processor start putting the ingredients in the order mentioned above (that’s important to get the right consistency) one by one. Once the almonds are grinded a bit, add dates, then prunes, then the rest of ingredients. Finish with adding carob powder. Mixture should be dark, sticky and easy to work with.

Once the ingredients are blended and mixed, start forming balls into a size of a golf ball. Cover with shredded coconut. Try also with poppy seeds and carob.


Makes 15 regular size bliss balls or 30 small bliss balls.

Time: 5 mins preparation, 5 mins blending, 10 mins assembling balls

Difficulty: easy

Status: vegan, raw, gluten free




Other options:

Covered with carob powder, raw cacao powder, crushed nuts, shredded coconut, sesame seeds.

Bliss Organic Cafe


Copyright: Bliss Organic Cafe, Grace Love

from the upcoming Bliss Cookbook



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