Getting Things Sorted

Nothing like a horrific farm accident to really put your life into perspective. Almost a whole family gone, and I’m left wondering if they had everything in order before they went.

Then I’m left wondering if I, myself, have everything in order. I’ve been a bit lax about keeping the old will up to date, and now I’m thinking I need to get onto some professionals to fix that. People who make wills, obviously, but more than that. If my daughters are going to want to move out of this home, they’ll need to know about conveyancing for Melbourne. They’ll need people who can help them out. Not sure if this is something that you’d CALL a conveyancer about. Could be a bit of a strange phone call: “Hey, if anything happen to me, can you give my daughters an appointment to help them find a new home and let them know all that stuff about property transfers and the like? Great, thanks. I’m not planning on leaving any time soon, just thought I’d give you the heads up.”

And it’s true: I’m NOT planning on dying any time soon. I’d really prefer to not die, because that means so much paperwork and I’m a serial procrastinator. If I walk out of work tomorrow and get hit by a bus, I just won’t have the time to get everything sorted.

Here I am assuming that they’ll need a conveyancer, of course. I’m just judging by the size of the house, which is a little bit too big for two people in my opinion. But it’s not like I’m going to write a title transfer into my will. they can do what they like with the place after I’m gone, whenever that is. I just really hope that I can sort everything out, and not dilly-dally. Kind of like I’m doing now. Blogging.

I mean, I COULD open another tab and look up conveyancing and the process of title transfers in Melbourne, but it’s 4:30, and…it’s the end of the day. I don’t want to bother them.