Divorced over lack of garden

I had a great wife, for a few years, but then I got divorced and married someone else. That marriage was less than perfect, but it ended fairly quickly so at least we didn’t suffer. Having been through two divorces, I can come out the other side of this whole marriage thing and see where it all went wrong. It was mostly my fault, on both accounts. I can specifically pinpoint the problem with my second marriage that led to the breakup. I know what it was that lost her emotionally. No amount of polished concrete pavers could stop her from leaving me.

It was the first time she saw my new home. We had bought a home together, while she was away in The Netherlands trying to finish her fellowship, and I was here, sorting out the accommodation for our new life together. When she got to the house and saw the backyard, or rather, when she saw that we barely had one at all, her heart sank. I knew she loved gardening and had what can only be described as a neon green thumb. I had explained in our conversations about the home that the garden was modest at best. I don’t think she was quite prepared for how small the yard turned out to be. I could tell how much it hurt her to see the lack of garden space. She cares so much about aesthetics of homes, and Feng Shui and all that other stuff that means absolutely nothing to me. I should have known that the garden would be a deal breaker. It was when I lost her.

She was just going through the motions after that, her heart not really in the marriage. I had planned to hire the best landscape garden designers Melbourne North residents recommended. Unfortunately the landscaping wasn’t really possible with the lack of space.

I did my best to make the small space we had nice with some professional help, but it was too late. I tried to fix it, many months later by looking for another home. The damage had already been done, and no amount of backtracking would be able to fix it. Life lesson learned.