Bonzo’s Busted Knee

My poor baby, Bonzo, has to go in for knee surgery! On the plus side, at least I now know why he’s been limping, and that there’s something that can be done about it. From what I understand, the surgery might not completely fix the problem, but it will definitely improve Bonzo’s quality of life (not that he seemed to be complaining too much, being the happy goofball that he is).

According to the vet, the problem is a torn cranial cruciate ligament, which is apparently quite common in older, arthritic dogs like Bonzo. He’s still got a few good years left in him, I’m pretty certain, but he’s decidedly past middle age. Being a giant breed, too, apparently makes him more susceptible to this problem.

Living in Brighton, vet clinic and surgery options are readily available, which is good to know when you find yourself having a mild canine emergency on a Sunday morning. That’s what happened this week when Bonzo went for a tumble down the stairs, seemingly due to his knee. Okay, so it turned out not to be an emergency, exactly. But it did motivate me to get this limping situation looked into.

Now it’s just a matter of scheduling the operation – I hadn’t factored into my monthly budget that I’d be shelling out for pet knee surgery. Bayside is going to be warming up again soon enough, though, and I’d like to get this done during winter so that Bonzo can enjoy springtime walkies.

While I’d be happy to pay for the surgery regardless (and, fortunately, am in a position to do so), I’m also thinking of it in terms of having had virtually no vet bills on Bonzo’s behalf. I didn’t even have to deal with desexing; it had already been done when I got him from the animal shelter.

For the the next week or so, he’s going to be getting very spoilt – I feel a bit bad about the prospect of putting him through an operation, you see, even though it will ultimately be to his benefit.